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With 20 years of real estate experience, few people know the Bloomington market like Tracee Lutes. Whether you're a lifelong resident or are considering a move to our vibrant city, do what more people in Bloomington do— Talk To Tracee.

Tracee Lutes is an expert in residential, commercial and investment property real estate transactions, with a specialty in luxury homes.

Call Tracee Lutes today at 812.323.7300
A key member of Tracee's team is Kim Price. As the wife of a military veteran and NSWC Crane employee, Kim understands the unique challenges associated with relocating.

Tracee Lutes and her team of real estate professionals know the Bloomington market—but more than that, they know how to bring you home.

Call Kim Price today at 812.929.0111
Tracee Lutes is part of the RE/MAX Real Estate group
As part of RE/MAX Acclaimed Properties, Tracee Lutes and her team bring local and personalized service that's powered by a national brand you trust.
RE/MAX Acclaimed Properties
3695 S. Sare Road
Bloomington, IN 47401
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